School Groups


School Groups

We understand the additional responsibility and care that is necessary in accommodating school groups.

We offer the following services to our school operator clients:

  • Modern, clean 2* and 3* hotels - often with rates that undercut hostels.
  • All hotels personally inspected prior to group arrival.
  • Agents health and safety forms and risk assessments completed.
  • Hotels in safe areas, often with grounds and leisure facilities.
  • Private room available for tour planning / entertainment.
  • Child friendly accommodation with separate beds in multiple rooms.
  • Groups accommodated on same floor and close together.
  • Specially negotiated rates for 2 course and 3 course student dinners.
  • Packed Lunch and early dinners.
  • 24 hr parents helpline.
  • Mini-bars and pay TV channels locked or blocked.
  • No external balconies.