Norme Condizioni di acquisto biglietti evento con pacchetti viaggio in inglese

1. Definitions



  • Beverly Vacanze  : Is a trading name of a Private Limited Company.


  • Definition of Ticket: Admission for event purchased.


  • Definition of Client: The person who concludes an agreement with
  • Beverly Vacanze   to provide tickets (admission tickets) for various
  • types of events such as sports (Football, Rugby, Formula1, etc),
  • Concerts, Theatre and others.


  • Definition of In Writing: Information sent by Beverly Vacanze   to the client either in electronic form or sent by post.


  • Definition of Booking Confirmation: A written confirmation provided
  • by Beverly Vacanze   of the booking placed by the client which is sent
  • via email to the registered address.




2. Applicability



  1. By visiting, using or ordering from this website, the client agrees
  2. to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and to adhere to these
  3. Terms and Conditions and all applicable laws and regulations governing
  4. the website.


  1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all orders, booking
  2. confirmations and agreements where Beverly Vacanze   acts as the
  3. seller of tickets. Additions to or deviations from these Terms and
  4. Conditions shall only apply if accepted in writing by
  5. Beverly Vacanze  . No rights can be derived from any conversations;
  6. everything has to be clearly set out in writing.


  1. General Terms and Conditions of clients/customers shall not apply
  2. unless their applicability has been accepted explicitly in writing by
  3. Beverly Vacanze  .


  1. If the client breaks these Terms and Conditions, Beverly Vacanze 
  2. reserves the right to prevent them from future use of the website,
  3. cancel the existing order request, and/or take can take appropriate
  4. legal action against the culprit.


  1. Beverly Vacanze   reserves the right to change these Terms and
  2. Conditions at any given time. Posting updated terms on the website will
  3. make the new terms effective immediately and binding of all users of the
  4. website without any exception. Therefore, please check the website
  5. periodically for updates.


  1. As event tickets are purchased in a free and fluctuating market,
  2. ticket prices are subject to change at any given time. For up-to-date
  3. current prices, the client must consult the Beverly Vacanze   website.




3. Agreement Conclusion



  1. The offer presented by Beverly Vacanze   must be confirmed by the
  2. client and the client must state their preferred tickets and seating
  3. location and also fill out the other information required on the booking
  4. form.


  1. The client can also call the Customer Service Line aswell and update them with details of their booking and requests.


  1. The confirmation will be sent in writing once Beverly Vacanze   
  2. have confirmed the client’s acceptance of the offer made by
  3. Beverly Vacanze   and the terms have been stated to the client and the
  4. client accepts. Beverly Vacanze   reserves the right not to conclude
  5. the agreement at its own discretion.


  1. The tickets offered by Beverly Vacanze   website. some are in
  2. Beverly Vacanze   stock position and some are in our Suppliers
  3. Position or individuals privates (that asking to sell their tickets
  4. through Beverly Vacanze   web site).


  1. Clients should take in consideration that our suppliers and
  2. individuals privates that selling their tickets though
  3. Beverly Vacanze   web site been checked, and have the most high
  4. standard of offering and delivering tickets. Never the less, even after
  5. getting electronic confirmation from Beverly Vacanze   (after payment)
  6. clients should be aware of knowing that can be some very small
  7. percentage of undelivered tickets in high demand events.


  1. All orders are binding for the client and cannot be cancelled without written acceptance of cancellation by Beverly Vacanze  .




4. Prices



  1. When booking the client expressly accepts the difference in price
  2. over the face value of the tickets, due to changes in supply and demand,
  3. the degree of difficulty, the cost of obtaining and most importantly,
  4. the cost involved in servicing and delivering the tickets to the
  5. client's position. Beverly Vacanze   prices will be different from the
  6. prices that may be specified on the actual ticket and the client cannot
  7. derive any rights from these. All costs are included in the
  8. Beverly Vacanze   prices excluding handling fee costs.


  1. Prices are expressed in Euros or GBP unless otherwise specified.




5. Payment



  1. All packages and ticket bookings offered are subject to availability.


  1. All ticket prices are guaranteed at the time the order is placed and payment is received.


  1. Accepted forms of payment are Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard) or Bank
  2. Transfer. Beverly Vacanze   reserves the right to ask a client to pay
  3. only by bank transfer if it is the preferred method of payment.


  1. Full payment must be received in order to guarantee a ticket purchase.


  1. The price paid is the price shown on the website at the date and
  2. time of booking which must be accepted by the client when confirming the
  3. purchase. All payments will be taken in Euro or GBP or USD, even if the
  4. original price on the website is shown in Euro or GBP. (All events
  5. where the original price is shown in Euro or GBP will also show the
  6. total order amount in Euro or GBP or USD, only in orders that the final
  7. payment currency will be different from the one in the event page. as
  8. well as on the email confirmation). For clients that will get virtual
  9. option to pay with American Express, charges will be in USA Dollar.


  1. Beverly Vacanze   charges will also appear on the client's Credit
  2. Card statement under the name of "Beverly Vacanze  " or "Ticket
  3. Online".


  1. Credit Card payments must be verified by the Credit Card company (online) otherwise the order will automatically be cancelled.


  1. Beverly Vacanze   reserves the right to do a security check on all
  2. orders and may request a proof of the clients I.D. and copy of the
  3. Credit Card might be required to send to Beverly Vacanze  . (The order
  4. will be cancelled if the I.D. or copy of the credit card is not
  5. received by Beverly Vacanze  , if requested).


  1. No changes, cancellations or refunds can be made once the purchase
  2. has been processed and accepted by Beverly Vacanze  . As stated in the
  3. European Law Number 31997L0007, DIRECTIVE 97/7/EC (May 20, 1997) for
  4. the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts, it is
  5. clearly written that once a client submits a booking for transport
  6. (flight, bus, etc) or accommodation (hotels, apartments, etc) or
  7. catering or leisure services or leisure events (tickets), the client is
  8. not permitted to cancel the booking. In the event of cancellation by the
  9. client, no refund will be given.




6. Delivery of Tickets



  1. By completing the order, the client is asking and giving automatic
  2. authorisation to Beverly Vacanze   to ship the tickets by one of the
  3. following courier companies such as OCS, Royal Mail, FedEx, UPS, DHL or
  4. Beverly Vacanze  ’s own courier.


  1. Shipment and issue shall be at the expense and risk of the client.
  2. Shipment costs also include hotel delivery and the pickup of the tickets
  3. (if required).


  1. Tickets will be sent at the expense and risk of the client via FedEx
  2. or a similar courier. Shipments by FedEx or any local courier service
  3. are not insured. Beverly Vacanze   cannot be held liable for any
  4. damage that should be done by FedEx or any other courier company like
  5. lost, late delivery and/or misplaced tickets.


  1. Should the client or the client's hotel refuse to accept the ticket
  2. (s) pertaining to the return of the ticket to Beverly Vacanze   by
  3. FedEx or any local courier service, the client shall be deemed to be
  4. waiving his right to delivery. The client shall be obliged to compensate
  5. Beverly Vacanze   for the costs incurred in relation to the returned
  6. shipment.


  1. Normally tickets are shipped from the offices of Beverly Vacanze   3 - 5 days before the event (subject to changes).


  1. Should a delivery window be unavailable (due to the late release of
  2. some tickets) or by the client’s request, tickets will be sent to a
  3. hotel address or local pick up address near to the event venue on the
  4. day of the event. In case of a pickup point at a location near to the
  5. venue, Beverly Vacanze   will start to deliver the tickets 2 hours
  6. before the event time until the start of the event (in the event of a
  7. pickup point near to the venue, if the client doesn't arrive to collect
  8. the ticket(s), no refund will be made).


  1. Most sport and football tickets (Premier League, Serie A and Spanish
  2. League) will be delivered to the client's hotel 1 or 2 days prior to
  3. the event taking place. Due to these unforeseen circumstances, the
  4. client must provide Beverly Vacanze   with the hotel details. In case
  5. of a hotel delivery, the client will be solely responsible for receiving
  6. the tickets from the courier. If for any reason the hotel refuses to
  7. receive the tickets from the courier, the client will be solely
  8. responsible (Beverly Vacanze   recommends the client to inform the
  9. hotel about the prospect of a delivery). For specific and precise
  10. information about shipments, please contact the Beverly Vacanze   
  11. sales team close to the time of the event.


  1. The client is obliged to inform Beverly Vacanze   of any changes
  2. in the address where tickets can be delivered to up to 72 hours before
  3. the event. (Beverly Vacanze   do not take responsibility if the change
  4. in address is received after the 72 hour threshold).


  1. Beverly Vacanze   will not be responsible for any undelivered
  2. tickets based on misinformation related to the mail address given by the
  3. client (in this case the client will be responsible for undelivered
  4. tickets - no refund will be made).




7. Tickets



  1. The customer accepts on behalf of Beverly Vacanze   that in case
  2. of availability of tickets in a higher/lower category than the category
  3. confirmed, Beverly Vacanze   will deliver the clients tickets in a
  4. higher/lower category and will charge/refund for the extra amount of
  5. money related to the difference between the categories of each ticket.


  1. For each event, Beverly Vacanze   can deliver the customer: an
  2. E-Ticket, a Match Day Paper Ticket, a Season Ticket (card) or a Member
  3. Card. When the customer receives a Season Ticket (card)/Member Card, it
  4. can only be used for the specific date and event booked from
  5. Beverly Vacanze  . Once the event ends, the client must send back
  6. immediately the Season Ticket (card)/Member Card to Beverly Vacanze   
  7. based on instructions received from Beverly Vacanze   or from the
  8. suppliers of Beverly Vacanze  . These instructions can be given by
  9. phone, email or a letter attached to the Season Ticket (card)/Member
  10. Card inside the envelope. Customers that are staying at a hotel (In the
  11. event city) are required to leave the Season Ticket (card)/Member Card,
  12. the same night at the end of the event, inside an envelope at the hotel
  13. front desk and will write on the envelope the name of
  14. Beverly Vacanze   or other names based on the instructions received
  15. from Beverly Vacanze  . If the customer doesn't return the Season
  16. Ticket (card)/Member Card within 24 hours after the event,
  17. Beverly Vacanze   will charge the customer: 100 (GBP) per day for each
  18. Member Card (starting from the end of the 24 hours period after the
  19. event until the return of the Member Card back to Beverly Vacanze   
  20. offices) or 650 (GBP) for each Season Ticket.


  1. The client, by accepting to the Terms and Conditions agrees that the
  2. tickets for sport events, rugby matches or football matches in each
  3. category can be in any home or away section. The client also agrees that
  4. they will not have any claim against Beverly Vacanze   regarding the
  5. home or away ticket. For any kind of ticket(s) (home or away) the client
  6. must act accordingly and wear as stated on the ticket by the organisers
  7. or promoters. For the home team section, the client will not be allowed
  8. to enter the venue if wearing the clothing of the other team. This is
  9. at the clients own risk and discretion.


  1. Client when booking the tickets is accepting that in some events
  2. will be specify, Single ticket category or other categories with the
  3. symbol seats together near the category name and price.
  4. If the client is choosing single ticket category, the client is
  5. accepting that each ticket that been bought under this single ticket
  6. category can be with any location in the venue, and seats together are
  7. not guaranteed.
  8. If the client is choosing any category, that specify near the category
  9. name and amount the symbol seats together, the client is accepting that
  10. tickets locations can be by pairs. If client booked more than 2 tickets
  11. under same order, Beverly Vacanze   will guarantee tickets location by
  12. pairs only. (and pairs not guarantee to be near each others).
  13. Beverly Vacanze   guarantee that pair of tickets can be one seat near
  14. other seat in same row, or one seat under other seat (one row
  15. different), or one seat diagonal to other seat (one row different).




8. Special Provisions and Liability



  1. When the occasion arises and in particular in relation to music
  2. and/or sport events, tickets may display a name that does not match the
  3. name of the client or user of the ticket. Beverly Vacanze   cannot be
  4. held liable should the client and/or the user of a ticket not be granted
  5. access to the event and/or s/he (and/or the person stated where they
  6. purchased the ticket from) is denied access as a consequence of this.


  1. The client and/or the user of a ticket supplied by
  2. Beverly Vacanze   must behave in an orderly manner and must follow
  3. instructions given by the organiser/promoter of the event.


  1. Beverly Vacanze   will not be held liable should organisers of an
  2. event or the authorities eject the client from the venue due to the
  3. purchase of the tickets in the secondary market. By purchasing tickets
  4. on the website, the client agrees and accepts that the tickets have been
  5. purchased in the secondary market and not from any official box office
  6. related to the official promoters, and so the client will be fully
  7. responsible for this action. If the client is ejected from any venue in
  8. United Kingdom due to the contravention of section 166 on Criminal
  9. Justice and Public Order Act 1994, s/he agrees to be fully responsible
  10. for this action and for buying the tickets through Beverly Vacanze  .
  11. The client agrees that in this instance, s/he will not have any claim
  12. against or demand from Beverly Vacanze   and will not be given any
  13. refund.


  1. Beverly Vacanze   shall not be held liable should organisers of an
  2. event or the authorities deny admission to the client and/or user of a
  3. ticket delivered by Beverly Vacanze   to an event except insofar in
  4. the case of an intentional act, omission or gross negligence by
  5. Beverly Vacanze  .


  1. The client and/or user of a ticket shall visit an event at their own
  2. risk. Beverly Vacanze   shall not be held liable for damages (also in
  3. cases of undelivered tickets by Beverly Vacanze  ) that the client
  4. and/or user may suffer whilst travelling from or to the event or
  5. attending such an event.


  1. The options of categories stated by Beverly Vacanze   for tickets
  2. shall not harmonize with any categories used by the organiser of the
  3. event for which the tickets have been issued. The client cannot derive
  4. any rights from the category class and/or ranking.


  1. The Client and/or user of a ticket supplied by Beverly Vacanze   
  2. must obtain information themselves in relation to updated times and
  3. changes to the event from the organiser. Beverly Vacanze   does not
  4. have any obligation to further inform the client and/or user of the
  5. ticket regarding this.


  1. Events that have been cancelled or moved are at the expense and risk
  2. of the client and cannot be regarded in any way as a shortcoming of
  3. Beverly Vacanze  . Beverly Vacanze   shall not be liable to pay for
  4. compensation. The client is responsible to get the information about the
  5. correct dates and starting time of concerts and events and also to note
  6. that football matches can be rescheduled to fit into Champions League
  7. obligations and/or television coverage. These changes can take place at
  8. very short notice. Beverly Vacanze   recommends the client make both
  9. Saturday and Sunday available when arranging travel plans and to ask the
  10. hotel's concierge or check the official websites or even the local
  11. press for the exact schedules upon arrival.


  1. Should an event be cancelled and should a replacement event not take
  2. place, the client must not approach Beverly Vacanze   but the
  3. organiser of the event in order to be refunded the original value of the
  4. ticket if possible. Should a replacement event take place, the client
  5. must approach the organiser of the event to claim the replaced ticket.


  1. The content of the Beverly Vacanze   website is without obligation
  2. and the client cannot derive any rights towards Beverly Vacanze   in
  3. relation to the content thereof and the included links.


  1. Beverly Vacanze   prices are subject to fluctuations related to
  2. the demand for and the availability of tickets. The client cannot derive
  3. any rights from increases or reductions of prices once the client has
  4. accepted the offer of Beverly Vacanze  .


  1. Any liability of Beverly Vacanze   shall be limited to the amount that the client has paid for the ticket in question.


  1. Lost, stolen or damaged tickets cannot be duplicated.




9. Force Majeure



  1. Shortcomings in relation to the execution of the agreement cannot be
  2. attributed to a party should these not be due to the fault of the party
  3. or when the given party cannot be deemed responsible for them in
  4. accordance with the law, the agreement or according to generally
  5. accepted standards.


  1. Beverly Vacanze   can invoke force majeure should the
  2. Beverly Vacanze   shortcomings be partly or fully the result of war,
  3. mobilization, riots, flooding, fire, accidents, strikes, occupations,
  4. and measures set by the government, non-delivery of required tickets to
  5. Beverly Vacanze   by third parties and other unforeseen events.




10. Brochure (Web) of Beverly Vacanze 


The information stated in the brochure is subject to changes due to

price changes. Amounts mentioned on the website are based on prices,

exchange rates, duties and taxes as known by Beverly Vacanze   at the

time of printing.


11. Information From and About Beverly Vacanze 



  1. Beverly Vacanze   is a commercial company specialising in offering
  2. tickets for sold-out and/or popular events and for so-called
  3. hard-to-get tickets.


  1. Beverly Vacanze   obtains tickets on the secondary market and the
  2. prices listed on this website reflect the degree of difficulty in
  3. obtaining these tickets. Beverly Vacanze   is not connected to any box
  4. office, or sponsored by any of the venues, teams, performers or
  5. organisations whose tickets this website provides.




12. Refunds.


Refunds cab be made only in the following cases:



  1. Client is asking to cancel the order before the event date. In this
  2. case Beverly Vacanze   will have the option to choose if to accept the
  3. client request to cancel the order or not, base on internal
  4. considerations only.
  5. If Beverly Vacanze   will choose to cancel the order,
  6. Beverly Vacanze   will inform the client of the total amount refund
  7. that can be given in the moment of the cancelation. The client is
  8. understanding and accepting the damages that can be to
  9. Beverly Vacanze   from this cancellation. The client will need to ask
  10. the cancellation in writing only and to sign the cancellation request
  11. form. The client will need to specify that he agreed to cancel the
  12. order, and to receive back to his credit card total refund as offered to
  13. the client by Beverly Vacanze   at the moment of the cancellation
  14. request. in any case, the refund will be maximum 65% from the total
  15. amount the client paid for the order. after this order cancellation and
  16. refund back the agreed amount, client will not have any claim from
  17. Beverly Vacanze  , what so ever.


  1. In the highly unlikely case that client didn't received the tickets
  2. he ordered in time for the event, Beverly Vacanze   will refund 100%
  3. of the client money back, plus Beverly Vacanze   will offer the client
  4. a credit worth 25% of his original purchase towards another match.


  1. In case of delivered lower tickets category, Beverly Vacanze   can
  2. choose to refund the differences amount back to the client credit card
  3. or credit the customer account inside Beverly Vacanze  .com website
  4. for the sum of the lower tickets category differences only.




The customer can use this credit amount to buy new sports/concerts

tickets at Beverly Vacanze   only with accordance to these terms and



In case Beverly Vacanze   will issue the customer a written

authorization for a refund for any reason, we will do our best to

process the refund as soon as we can but take into account that the

refund might take up to 30 (Thirty) working days from the date of issue.


The customer acknowledges that the 25% credited inside his personal

account in Beverly Vacanze   can be used only in the next 180 days

(from the date he received the refund to his account) . Credit can be

used to pay, maximum, the 25% of the new order.


The customer agree that Beverly Vacanze   can modify from time to

time the terms of the refund/s, time of use or the % to be use for the

future new customer orders.


Beverly Vacanze   will not be held accountable for any delays caused by the customer’s Bank or Credit Card Company.